Matahari Studios – Altermyth Long Tail Chart in Gaming & Animation


Matahari Studios - Altermyth Long Tail Chart

Last year, me and friends went to visit our friend’s new-born baby in Bandung. A great fellow with great studio from the gamedev industry. At that time we discussed on one chart released by PC-Gamer on tracking the Blizzard’s DNA flowing out throughout some other studios, so we referred to our studios in the past (and current), Matahari Studios, and Altermyth. Therefore, a draft goes soon after, but to finalize, had to wait until now. Really sorry for this.

The complexity may comes from the number of employees that they ever had. And the decision to add timeline, make it even more complex.

In anyway, the numbers and complexity may show how the 2 studios became the major studios, where notable people in the industry ever passed on, maybe also grew and developed there. Eventhough eventually, it’s only a chart for historical.. and more importantly.. also for fun purpose for you to enjoy and see how and where we are, for younger generations, and also to feel nostalgic.

It’s not perfect in anyway, so feel free to modify and put in another place, as long as not for commercial purpose. This page will act as the first anchor of the version.

Download the image and complete file here:
MS-ALT Long Tail Chart Full-Resolution Image (JPG)
Complete source file (ZIP)




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  2. kenji

    Wtf does the heart symbol mean? The image is too low quality for me to read any of the names or titles…

    • Dear Kenji,

      Heart means they are married to each other.

      For image, please click the image, or you can also access the image from the links inside the article.

      It’s a high-res including the source file. Licensed under Creative Commons.

      Thank you.

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