Tips & Tricks for LINE Pokopang

LINE POKOPANG by Treenod. Copyright by Treenod.

LINE POKOPANG by Treenod. Copyright by Treenod.

I’ve been playing LINE Pokopang for quite a while now, and I did pretty good at this game. Among my peers, which most of them are avid gamers, I still able to be the 1st rank in the weekly leaderboard. For my current level of 30-ish, I can get 1,200,000+ score without pushing too much (aka. using bonuses). So, few of my peers started to ask about how can I get the score? An average score for new players usually among 300k, with top around 500-700k. So over a million score might sounds impossible. I assured them, they are not.

LINE Pokopang is one of the latest game lineup from LINE, by developer Treenod. As an early adopter, this game is no exception for me to play quite early. And I would also say this game is quite good, that I believe will be one of the game that may succeed after LINE POP. At first, I got difficulties to be the 1st of this game. I had my friends who scored 500k-700k, which I could only make 300k. So I started to play the game more carefully and learn more about the game to master the play. After a while, I understand more things and stay on top until today.

Here are my tips to maximize your play on POKOPANG:

  1. Maintain the COMBO!
    This is the most important aspect of playing POKOPANG. Every time you make a successful swipe subsequently, you will build up a combo. If your next successful swipe takes too much time from the previous one, then you will break your combo, and that’s not good if you are looking for the great score. In one normal play, one may accumulate at least 40 combos (those are my minimum). The higher your combo level, the bigger is your multiplier when clearing out the tiles. This is the most important part. Failed to do so, will make your scoring suffer severely.

    So no matter what, keep looking for possible lines, short (of minimum 3 tiles), or long (7 tiles and above). The advantage of short one is it’s quicker to build up the combo. The advantage of the long one is that we are collecting BOMBs. Keep swiping, and do both as much and as fast as possible. Wrong move will not break the combo.

  2. Know when to use your BOMB!
    BOMB is essential to create a big score in one hit. But knowing when to use it will improve your score, greatly! Here are the tips: 

    1. Do not accumulate the BOMBs at the end of the game!
    This is the basic trick on many games, such as LINE POP, Anipang, Diamond Dash, or such. We usually expect for extra score even when the time ends by waiting for the bonus to work. IT DOESN’T WORK! Because when they exploded at the end of the game, the COMBO multiplier has gone, so they didn’t get the advantage of the multiplier. Without COMBO, one BOMB may only score around 3000-ish. While with COMBO level 40, they may contribute for at least 20k! Use the BOMB timely after your COMBO level is high, my suggestion is after COMBO level 30, then it matters to use the BOMB.>

    2. Trigger the BOMB in the middle of the field.
    As we wait for the COMBO to build up, usually the bonus tiles accumulate at the bottom. It’s not bad, but less effective because we are losing additional tiles to blow. If it’s possible to get the BOMB in the higher COMBO level, try to make it in the middle, and just USE it. It can generate scores around 150% compared to in the bottom position. When you swipe a long line, try to remember to swipe it upward, so the bomb tile that you generate will end up at the top or center, and not at the bottom.

  3. Know when to use your RAINBOW!
    It’s actually tricky, not easy, and rarely got the opportunity to maximize the effect. But rainbow tile might give an additional advantage when the situation is right. Try to use it to maximize the line length! In a situation that you have few separated islands of tiles with the same color, that’s the time to use the Rainbow tile, with the chance to connect those islands. The rainbow tile will maximize the possibilities to make a very very long line of the tiles. Again, at the high COMBO level, this will be more effective.

  4. Short line or long line? (the advance tips)
    At first and most of the times, it doesn’t really matter to get a short or long line. To keep up the combo is the focus. But to get a big score, BOMB is an absolute essential. So, after your COMBO level reached 20-ish, the focus need to change. You need to keep looking for long lines (aka. BOMB).

    Once you are able to create a BOMB in the higher COMBO level, just use it deliberately. Triggering it in the middle of the field is the most effective one. Clearing out the BOMB quickly also add you additional spaces in the board to increase the chance of long lines. Accumulating BOMB, RAINBOW, and ANIMAL will take up the board space.If you cannot find a minimum of 7 tiles line, try to hit the short line in between of longer lines (or use the RAINBOW, tips no 3). We tend to choose the longer line, but it’s actually better to save it until it build up to 7 or more tiles.

Those are the main tips to play POKOPANG. The rest is the speed of your fingers, and luck! Luck is required to create a good formation. And sometimes the animal may give you a LUCKY BOMB. If you can get them twice at the higher COMBO level, you will be guaranteed able to stay among the top of your friends.

The other factors would be your LEVEL and PERKs that you buy with the cherries. Any additional LEVEL gained, and permanent bonuses (PERK) that you bought, will definitely help the score really much. As other LINE games, the more you play and pay, the more you will gain advantage, and it would be hard for a newcomer to beat the high-level players or paid players.

There are 2 permanent bonuses that you can buy in the games: FRUITS (increase the attack damage), and ANIMALS (the one who will hit the monster animal). Both will contribute to your scores, and that would be a subjective strategy about where to spend your Cherries. Few of my personal tips regarding this:

  • Get KODI! He is one of the strong animal that you can get for FREE, in exchange of inviting 50 friends. If you have enough friends to invite, KODI will be really really helpful to play the game. He will also give you a free BOMB tiles after each use of KODI.
  • Open another monster slot! The Animal is quite helpful on beating the monsters. So additional animal slots will always helpful. But wait, it requires diamond! Should you buy it? For the second slot, it costs you 30 diamonds! But, when you level-up, you will actually get 1 diamond, which means, you can have the 2nd slot just before level 30, without spending any $.
  • FRUITS or ANIMAL? Animal is a definite advantage; but they are random. If you are not lucky, that will be a waste. Fruits are more consistent, but contributes less. In the high level, we need to spend 10k+ for only 1-2 additional damages. My style, I go to whichever pay less, with higher advantage. I spent much on FRUITS in the earlier level, and play more jackpot in the higher level by spending more on ANIMALs, as it costs less with possibility of getting a better ANIMAL (power).
  • DISCOUNTS! Or I will go whichever is on the sale to maximize the use of the cherries. As another online games, they will maintain our loyalty (and buying habit) by events. I’m using this as my advantage to get the most efficient use of my cherries.

Last, good luck! As eventually, this is a game of luck. Hopefully this article may help you to maximize your luck and put you on top of your LINE Pokopang friends!

Get LINE POKOPANG by Treenod in the iTunes and Google Play.



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  1. Clover

    Thanks a lot for the tips! I’m addicted to this game recently.

  2. Clover

    Yes, It does! but still difficult to trigger the bomb in the middle of the field, it always going down the bottom :(

    • indeed so. just try to remember to start from the bottom upward, so it increases the chance to end the bomb in the middle. you’ll get used to it. and after combo 20, just use the bomb, no need to wait.

  3. can’t sell animals its useless and cannot get back my cherries

    • those are random :( try to spend your cherries at fruits in the beginning, cheaper and helpful to increase the score and attack power.

  4. how do i use the ‘lucky’ block correctly? also is it a good idea or bad idea to use bomb/rainbow while fever is happening?? thanks!

    • hi, lucky bomb is random, we don’t have control upon it.

      while for fever time, it seems it doesn’t have any impact on score (cmiiw). so it doesn’t matter whether using it during fever or not. stick to the rules in the article.

      myself dislike fever mode, as it disturbs the block setup. mostly i utilize it to speedup animal reaching the bottom.

      • ehhhh? you dont use fever mode, i thought it was number one useful? wow, i will try new way now.
        also which power up do you think is best?? 一番に成りたいし!

      • number one useful is combo and bomb at certain position (middle is the best, corner is worst).

        power up, i rank the usefulness as below:


        1. Remove One Color. The most useful, as it increases your chance to create bomb, highly! And this applied for the entire play session.

        When lucky, your step will be: (1) create a long line, results in bomb, try to end in the middle (2) trigger the bomb (3) repeat.

        In the early combo level, even I do small steps, only 3 lines each, to build up the combo quickly. After level 20-ish, then I do my ultimate move above. I don’t accumulate bomb in the early stages, because with this powerup, it’s easier to create bomb, anytime.

        2. Time Bonus. 5 seconds time bonus, definitely useful and will add scores with even higher combo level.

        Have it if you can:

        3. Convert Bomb to Super Bomb. There’s nothing wrong to use Super Bomb, especially right in the middle. But normal bomb would be sufficient enough. If you are saving cherries, this is no.2 priority.

        4. Animal’s Friend. Whatever the animal is come out from your friend, will add the score. It random though, could be useful, or very very little use. Just use it.

        Not so important:

        5. Rainbow bombs at start. This one is not important. The purpose of this powerup is to make long lines easier. But it’s replaceable by Remove Color powerup.

        Plus, it’s useless to use it in the early games. And accumulating bonus is a burden. They reduce your score, because the bonus blocks are not eliminated by Bomb.

        This tip also applied to the powerup offer before playing the game. Those are not important, as they only give advantage mostly for the early game only.

        But if you have lots of spending power, diamonds and cherries, or want to maximize all of your chance to be the no one. Then just use all.


        Hope that improves your score! :)

  5. Rick Low

    jus wondering if the animals u got randomly repeats thxs in adv

  6. Archen

    how many level this game ?

    • i dont know for sure. usually this kind of game has limitless level. by normal play, it would be difficult to level up after level 45. one play will only add around 1%. so might get bored first before finding the maximum level.

  7. Clover

    Thank you, learn a lot from your tips, i can get 1,200,000 up score now lv. 31 hehe..this is the first time though, lol

  8. gregorius dennis

    My high score is 2.800.000.. how? In the beginning u make fast combo till 50.. in fever mode, make a line on left side then right side on turn so you can see the possible line on the right side during make a line on left side.. usually I get 50combos in 30s..

    Next step is you must put your best animal in last slot.. why? Coz your combo affect the score animal give.. ex, the rhino give almost 160k point if u get 70combos.. kodi just 110k..

    Next, dont use bomb till 50s, sometimes monster create something that can be so useful for us like a wall or stone.. use bomb to drop it to the bottom so it can kill the monster..

    next, dont use rainbow till almost end game.. I can get 4 rainbow without bonus.. if u lucky, u will see the screen almost full with 1 colour. And I get so many score n cherry.. hahaha..

    try it..

  9. martrio

    Oh man, thanks this tutorial, iam still level 15 and reach 700k+
    So addictive game.
    For increasing cherry, i random add friends using search by id, and then i invite them to play pokopang,
    Hahahaha, thats a dirty trick!! :-)

  10. Alan lum

    How do you know your combo level any indication on the screen?

  11. farhan usman

    How do i use my friends animals? Please answer it

  12. Desy

    What’s fever mode? And how to get it?

    • hi! you get a fever mode by making a match 7 times continuously. you can see the indicator as a thick line by the side of the playing field. the sound also built-up as indicator. in fever mode, the surrounding tiles of the matched tiles will also blown, which means more score.


  13. Nice tips! :) I also just made my tips on how to play Pokopang.. You can check it if you like ^^

  14. Dian

    Please tell me how to use fever mode in museum. Pretty please…

    • just play as usual, and try to get fever mode as many as being asked in the museum. you get fever mode by matching blocks chain continuously 7 times.

  15. How do I use my friends animals?

    • there’s an item to use the friend’s animal. when starting a game, there are items, one of them will summon your friend’s animal. it costs you 20 Friend Points.

  16. pokopang1

    I think this is the highest score play video in the world.
    Is there any higher video?

  17. Just some tips..

    anyway regarding not accumulating the bomb till the end of the game, I would rather put it as not accumulating after timer reach 0, it is alright to use at last 5s or so. The bombs and rainbow do generate higher points at high combo but it would be better to use them at short interval rather than using it directly one after another as there is slight delay for the blocks to disappear but no delay for bombing (in short you get lesser points if you bomb consecutively).

    Also the discounts that most people even bother are mainly 5000 for summons, half the cost for adding animal slot. It would definitely be wise to wait for the slot discount. It would be great to wait for 5k discount for summons as it happens quite regularly like twice for a few days every month. never waste you diamond on those extra 10s, extra rainbow unless you are rich. also. we never ever get discount on fruits upgrade =(

    I would advise to get a good summon at the start and focus on upgrading the cherries. after which when you get a certain level of fruits, aim to get the two animals that gives you 50 cherries. For fever, if you are stuck between breaking a line or breaking a big block of the same number of blocks, always go for the line formation as line often break more blocks due to the explosion and deal more damage to the animal.

  18. AP

    How do you play the museum game?

    • – click the museum button.
      – choose a quest, i guess it’s pokolisa as the 1st quest.
      – it requires you to pay cherries to start a quest.
      – once paid and open the quest, they will tell you what to do. see the mission at the bottom.
      – to accomplish one quest in the museum, you need to pass several missions given.
      – there’s a time limit to finish a quest. if you failed to finish within time limit, you need to repeat again from the 1st step.
      – at anytime you can skip a mission by paying.

      happy playing.

  19. michelle

    I dont understand the second mission in the museum… it says to use an item 0/3 times. So I used 3 different items in my games and I still couldn’t pass this mission. What am i missing here?

    • hi michelle, as far as i know, what you did should be correct. the items are the one we have to purchase by cherries or getting by free using Slots. Friend’s animal is not considered as an item.

  20. Hi, I completed the 1st mission in the museum. In the Present Party says “Pick Your animal!” but no animal appears, How do I choose an animal?

  21. Dr.Blacksun

    Thank you very much you guys for tips and tricks
    I would like to know that when you get best 3 ranking each week i,the massage appear at the bottom of the summary ‘Last week’ranking reward is offer only to the top 10%’
    what’ is mean? have any one notice?

    • Hmm.. I do also just noticed the message. Don’t know the meaning for now, as I haven’t got any rewards by achieving top rank, or read any announcement about it.

      Thanks for the heads up notice. It’s interesting.

  22. Dr.Blacksun

    Thank you to you too and all friends that distributed all great information,This is best game ever!

  23. Dinda

    My pokopang score is stuck at 7 billion. What can I do to improve it to above 9 billion? Do you have any tips? :/ Thank you. :)

    • Hi Dinda, it’s a so so late response… Basically Pokopang is a game of cash, the more we pay (for diamonds), the more we can improve the score. Everything is limited (attack power, level), but not with the animal. It’s limitless with multiple effect for getting the same animal. Have you improve your score within this 2 months? Let me know :)

  24. pokopang user

    Well how about the museums

  25. One of my favorite game. I found your tips since I was in level 20 now level 77 with 133 power.
    I wish Pokopang could update their game and make it more interesting. I’m kind of bored now.

    • inevitably so :) they’ve tried with museum n some new events. but yes, eventually will be bored, except professional player for prizes n fame :) myself only check and play if there are new features introduced.

  26. zeven2021


  27. stanley

    Thx for the tips.
    Now i can get 1.700.665

  28. ruchan

    I love this page. Thank you for the tips.
    How does museum bonus increase? I’m stuck at 100k points, and I am at level 86 now.

    • Thanks!

      Museum bonus increase our score for about 10% for each collection. It’s a nice addition to improve the score.
      If you have everything else in its maximum level: Attack, Level, Museum, 4th slot animal, the rest is all about grinding and spending money (and luck) to summon the animal as many as you can afford. The bigger the damage, the bigger the score. It’s a money drain though, not recommended, except you are fine to spend and very very competitive :)

  29. ruchan

    Thanks so much! :)

  30. Mi id: loli39
    Para que me añadan en pokopang. Line España.

  31. HibariChrome

    Hi! First of, thanks for your guide! It’s kinda rare finding a guide on this addicting game in english, so thanks a lot!
    Secondly, i’d have a question to which i tried to find answers for around the web but found noone (again, noone in english, it did pop up some results in other languages tho, but i’m not good at that xD; ) so i’m kinda lost..
    Question would be: i’m at the third mission of PokoPang museum right now, the “Pokoleon Crossing the Alps” one, at 3/6 piece of the puzzels still missing, i’m sticked at the part “Find 0/4 Lucky Bombs”..

    Now: i did find you mentioning the Lucky bombs in your guide but i’m not really sure i understood what you mean.. You say these appear “randomly” just by luck, ok, but i played already around 20 times since i got that part of the mission and i still don’t seem to have the luck to either have just one of these Lucky bombs..
    Do they have a special look or they look normally like regular bombs? Can i use any particoular animal to help increase the chance of me gettin’ one of these lucky bombs?
    And just to be clear, the lucky bomb isn’t when you succeed by swiping 7+ color blocks all together right? That is normal bomb, right? Because yeah, i did plenty of these but i’m still at 0/4 lucky bombs found.
    Ok.. just.. how do i find these? >w<" I'm really lost..


    • Hi HibariChrome,

      Sadly, Lucky Bomb is indeed random. It will clear most of the board, and trigger automatically. When you played enough, i’m sure you will encounter this from time to time. And yes it’s different from the normal bomb created from the 7+ blocks.

      That particular quest is indeed annoying. As I recalled, that was the only quest involving lucky bomb. In average it appears once in 20-25 games (or faster or longer, depends on luck). So that means the quest asked you to grind for about 100 games.

      And most of the quests in the mission, usually asks that amount of play to finish one single quest. Pushing the impatience to pay.

      Hope that helps and wish you a lot of luck with the quest :)

  32. stanley

    Hi, im stanley thx for the tips.. i also wanna ask for your line id.. thx dien

  33. dienw,

    Could you please delete my above post? I don’t want to log-in with my facebook account.


  34. Carolina

    Hello I Want to know the New carritos? what are for?

  35. Hi,

    you still playing this game?



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