Yoga & Facebook

It’s been so amusing for me to see a yoga studio based in Jakarta advertises on facebook. So, I clicked it to see which of them is going specifically digital.

Dini Yoga, is a studio based in Kemang with variety of Yoga styles. This added up list of Yoga places that I have written before in the original post, 2nd part, and also the 3rd part. And I found out that the fee is not as expensive as others. Very interesting, should try it.

And the way I found it is quite interesting, where I spotted it in the facebook ads. Clicked it, and see a new studio that I never heard before. The amusing part is how the studios have getting and getting more tech-savvy and digitally aware, able to use it as a marketing tool. Not just a mere page or virality, but a facebook ad! It uses budget, therefore it is something!

It’s always fun to see how people start to put advertisement on facebook. This reflects of how the digital behavior of our community. As recently, at the same time, I do also start to take notice the growing number of sex-service related advertisement on fb, together with fake accounts, and maybe some pages. Indonesian people are actually smart and persistent on the way they’re trying to achieve their goal. Do you agree?

Nevertheless, below is the link of the Yoga studios or practitioners who present publicly in the social media (Facebook page). The use of social media will make it easier for being in touch with the circle, practitioners. Like them, join them, friend them, and get the latest updates.


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