Where to Yoga @ Jakarta? (part 3)

Myself is not so active on yoga lately, but I still follow on some activities in the yoga scene. In general, not many changes happened; same studio still around, some are consistent with full class and program such as Jakarta Do Yoga, one just reopened the class such as Anahata, and there are also studios that are rising such as Bikhram Yoga, Iyengar, as they have more studios, more classes, numbers and variations. Workshops are still around, and Festivals getting more festive, whether in Bali such as Bali Spirit, but also in Jakarta, such as Namaste Festival, both are annual events.

For studio itself, the notable one is Ashtanga Yoga Jakarta, Jl. Brawijaya X No. 5 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The teacher seems an experienced one, with genuine Mysore style of Yoga. Haven’t tried myself, but the review from the peers are quite good.

Others as below:

  • Bliss Wellness Co., Plaza Coterie, Kemang Raya 14B, South Jakarta.
  • Ananda Marga Yoga, Tanjung Duren Utara IX/17, West Jakarta. (+62 21) 5657187.

For full references, check the earlier articles:


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  3. Have you taste the Ananda Marga Yoga at Tanjung Duren Utara IX/17, Jakarta Barat? What is your review on them. Then phone number is: 021-5657187.

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