※ The Mysterious Star

In Korean, I found this symbol a lot: ※ !! In text, of my teacher, newspaper.. they are using it for some certain purposes. Of my curiosity i digged it up.. all the way to the Japanese symbols.

I found the character ※ usually for “Notes”, “Example”, etc, emphazised text. It’s a kind of bullet/asterisk that being used in the Japanese and Korean text. These 2 cultures are indeed alike in certain things. But I don’t want to open the old wound between the 2 countries just like Trot and Enka music, so I leave the origin of this symbol unburied. Thanks to my teacher for introducing Trot.

They are used for the same purpose in these 2 countries. Called komejirushi (こめじるし/米印) in Japan, means ‘(uncooked) rice symbol’ (米 means rice); and called chomgopyo (참고표) in Korean, which simply means ‘Reference Mark’.

The same symbol, in Japan, can be found in the rice shops’ door. While in Korean, the symbol can be found in the billiard room, as it is also sometimes called danggujangpyo (당구장표), or ‘billiard-table mark’, represents 2 cues and the 4 balls. A japanese blog describing about Korean billiard have picture of this.

A good reference of this can be found at this site.


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