Aromateraphy in Seoul

Tea Tree

Anywhere I goes.. Body Shop, Faceshop, Missha, Skin Food, and you name it Korean beauty and fancy products, they are mostly have Eucalyptus smell. And a bit worse (at least for me), either only that one, or the others are quite similar, like Pine, Peppermint, Rosemary. All have that kind of smell. I just knew that, this is how the aromateraphy market works here. Maybe this can be our export commodities to Korea, we have lot of Eucalyptus products from Indonesia.

Well, my problem is, I don’t really like that smell, because we use it a lot for body, especially for warming the body, thus also used when you are sick. Therefore, I prefer sweet and fresh like Jasmine or Fruits smell. Thankfully I find 2 stores, I pick the one with cheaper price, only 3000 won. I pick Tea Tree, I love tea smell, but no tester here.. It’s ok I guess, we know how’s tea smell.

Unfortunateliii…. the tea smell turns out to be similar like that Eucalyptus!! Shoottt! Booof, there could be only 2 reasons: the manufacturer is dumb and never smell the fragrance of tea, or i should be more careful, because the tea smell here is not from the leaves, but from the branch, that’s why.. it’s a tea tree!! Stupid!!


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  1. Enlightment.. my friend told me that this is indeed tea tree, different from the ‘tea’. They are using tea tree a lot for the cosmetic, and the same use like eucalyptus. Here in the google:

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