Where to Yoga @ Jakarta? (part 2)

Gudang Gambar - Antasari, South Jakarta.

Gudang Gambar – Antasari, South Jakarta.

Well, compared to probably 5 years ago when there are only a few Yoga studios in Jakarta, nowadays it’s easier to find one. A week ago, I just invited to attend the yoga class at Etoile, a one stop place beauty and health for women, but the yoga studio is opened for any gender. Well, it’s nice to see the good trend. Usually the owners also have passion in yoga, and usually is the case, such as this Etoile, or like Anahata, and others. Below are some other Yoga places in Jakarta:

  • Etoile, Mind & Body Studio, Jl. Hang Lekir Raya No.6, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. One of the new yoga studio at Jakarta [Update 2011: Etoile no longer offer yoga class]
  • Gudang Gambar, Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 11, South Jakarta. Not a specialized yoga studio, but deserves a credit for a very nice outdoor pavillion (pendopo) to practice yoga, with a very passionate owner and community. Only have weekend classes.

In case you miss the other studios, check the more complete list here. My favorite would still Jakarta Do Yoga (JDY) or Anahata, as they are offering quite a full schedule in a week, so I could drop by almost at anytime in the evening (or morning), and just join any yoga class. Notably JDY, consistently has classes at early in the morning and twice in the evening. Well, of course also mostly I’m around Sudirman-Thamrin too :P


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  1. Siu Shan

    Hi I am new in Jakarta, just moved in from Hong Kong where the yoga scene is fantastic! I’ve been searching on the web for the past week on the yoga scene in Jakarta and was amazed to read how much research you have done. Would like to contact you by phone and talk more on yoga. Would this be possible?

  2. I’ve answered through email :)

  3. ay

    helo, i’m a yoga fan too, live in jakarta and have been learning basic and general movement thru classes at Fitness First and experienced an amazing session at Yoga Barn Ubud, now i really want to try yoga’s studio in jakarta but i can see here is quite expensive. i just found your article thru google :) do the anatha has jakarta website? i click on your link but turned out to their resort web in Ubud. Tq :)

  4. Hi ay,

    Anahata has website at: http://www.anahatawellness.com/
    But seems they are under renovation, and maybe no yoga class until May 2011.

    For expensive, indeed so, compared to Yoga Barn. In average per session, more than 100.000 Rp. So far the good studios are still the same, Anahata, Jakarta Do Yoga, Rumah Yoga, Iyengar, Bikram Yoga, and Yoga Light.

    Happy Yoga! Namaste.

  5. Kristy

    Hi Dien,

    Saya baru pindah dari Australi. Boleh ngobrol2 tentang yoga lebih lanjut? ^_^ tolong hubungi saya via email.

    Thank you,

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  8. henny

    hi…is this gudang gambar pavilion have website?how to join their classes? thanks

  9. Hi Henny, Gudang Gambar itself is actually a gallery in Antasari, South Jakarta. So far I don’t know any of their active website, but let me try to get in touch with the owner for further updated information. She’s a very enthusiastic yogini, and really great to be in touch with.

  10. An update, it might start some regular session again, but must wait for some further announcement. It could be in this September. Once I knew they are starting, I will notify you here.

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  12. Ann

    Just reda ur interesting article re yoga. I am actually thinking of to Join in yoga class as i heard it is good for body shaping and fat burner. For a first timer like me, which yoga studio is suitable? Thanks

    • Hi Ann, I must have been late on replying you. For such purpose, joining a gym will be the best option, they have plenty of Yoga classes, good for starter. For studio, any studio will do, as most of them have the beginner class. I’ll choose the one near home for sure? Where’s your home? For a particular fat burner yoga, Bhikram Yoga will be the toughest (though not all yogi like this type of yoga), you can check the address on the Part 1.

  13. Hi Dien, nice sharing and I’m glad to find ur blog. I have business next week in PRJ attending the TEI for a week, where can I find yoga studio near to those location? Thanks

    • Hi Puspita,

      Apologies for the late read. If you’re still around, I guess the closest from PRJ Kemayoran will be in Yoga 42 Kelapa Gading (http://www.bikramyogajakarta.com/) or Jakarta Do Yoga, Jl. Sunda, near Sarinah. The Bikram one, please be careful as that one is a hot yoga, or you need to check for the schedule of regular classes. Have fun!

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