New Adventure With Spiritual Yoga

Katy Appleton -

Katy Appleton -

It is unlike the other yoga. It doesn’t generate any sore or pain on the body. Maybe help a little if you’re looking for a strength or flexibility. When I started to dance as part of the yoga and meditation, this opened me to a brand new path of yoga. Katy’s workshop at Jakarta was really different, which she called as Hot Flow Yoga, combined later with the way she meditated. She is unique in a way combining dance with yoga, it’s different and in some way.. fun too!

At that time I was exposed with what people called as Prana Yoga, a yoga practice which concern more on pranayama (breathing) which led into mind (and body) consciousness. Incidently, few days after, I attended a substituted class, which should be vinyasha (classic flowing yoga), replace to Sri Sri Yoga, another prana concerned yoga.

Well, not all yogis love this kind of yoga. Some people are more physical and tend to avoid those kind of yoga, including such as Kundalini Yoga, a yoga practice concern with opening the kundalini energy.

In the end, there are so many yoga practices. Different teachers which infusing mix of styles will result in a new way of yoga. You could find branches like Yoga For Men (which in India most of them are men), Shaolin Yoga, or like Anusara Yoga which combined Vinyasa and Iyengar.

For me, I just enjoy flowing with the movement, and build up more strength and flexibility to be able to do more yoga pose challenges. For sure as yoga practitioners, we will find a great variety of yoga practices. So I will just try and try, experience, and will attend the kind of Katy Appleton’s yoga practice :) It is fun.. because it’s different, and opening a new mind :) Especially great with a great teachers such as Katy :)

Which are yours?


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