Where to Yoga @ Jakarta?

Wheel Pose (source: Dougal Waters - Getty Images)

Wheel Pose (source: Dougal Waters – Getty Images)

I do really into Yoga for 2+ months now. This month I’m getting busier than before, so I’m taking a break from my monthly Yoga. Well, not entirely a break, few days ago I purchased 10 sessions of Yoga in one of the studio. It will last for 3 months, so it’s safe if I’m busy, and 50% price anyway, got the voucher.

In these 2 months I do explore some of the Yoga corners in Jakarta, maybe not into the tiniest studio, but at least got the overview of Yoga stuff in Jakarta and overall.

So, where to Yoga then?


Basically, people can found Yoga easily at the major gyms, like Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First (not called Yoga here, it’s called Flow: Gentle Flow, Dynamic Flow, etc), Golds Gym. They are everywhere, and have a growing interest on Yoga. They have more classes and facilities for Yoga on their newer gym. Even though yoga at the gyms considered basic, but they offer a very good introduction to Yoga, so many classes in a week, many variations to try, and cheaper! Even some of the instructors are actually good. Started from Rp. 300.000 until average maybe at Rp 500.000 per month, you already got them all, plus gym facilities and other classes as bonuses.


For many Yoga enthusiasts, those gyms are not enough. They would prefer studios, a special place for practicing Yoga, with longer sessions, certified yoga instructors, more focus, more technique and variations, and get into the community. Some of the places are:

  • Rumah Yoga, Jl. Lamandau 19, South Jakarta.
  • Jakarta Do Yoga, Jl. Sunda, 4th floor, Central Jakarta.
  • Anahata Wellness Center, fx entertainment center, 5th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, South Jakarta.
  • Bikram Yoga, Two Kemang Place (2nd Floor), Kemang Raya Selatan no 2, South Jakarta. And there are branches in Plaza Senayan Arcadia, and I saw one also in Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan. The classes are not only Bikram Yoga but also other Yoga practice as well.
  • Yoga Light (Update: Now is using Iyengar Yoga Indonesia brand only, and also having a branch in Kemang, South Jakarta), Simprug, South Jakarta and Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Focused on Iyengar Yoga, one of the certified Iyengar Yoga teachers in the world.
  • Carin Studio, Ruko Vila Melati Mas, Serpong, Tangerang.

Those studios offer a session started from Rp.100.000 (maybe more now), with monthly averaged about Rp. 1 mio. They usually have package like certain number of sessions, weekly or monthly.

If you have more budget to learn Yoga, then go into these studios, you got better instructors for a better foundations. And the community helps you to love Yoga better.

I founded that Anahata and Jakarta Do Yoga quite effective for working people along Sudirman Thamrin. They have consistent classes until 7-8 pm. Some other places lack of night class. While I do also not finished exploring these studios just yet. Just give me your opinions about them :)

For more references about Yoga places in Jakarta, I updated some new places on the different posts:
Facebook link of the studios here


For further level of Yoga, usually there are workshops being held in Jakarta about 10-20 times in a year. These workshops are inviting experienced teacher in many style of Yoga, foreign and certified local. Usually held by the studios mentioned above, or from Bali Yoga studios. The class is started from Rp. 300.000 to millions, depends on the session hour, package, and level. Some Teacher Trainings ranged from 2-3 mio until 6-7 mio rupiahs for a few days. Just check their websites or facebook groups, they usually post the announcement there.

JNICC (Indian Cultural Center)

Well, the first place to learn Yoga, when no other studio ever exist, was actually here. Unfortunately, the current yoga instructor is not good. Talking with a guy from JNICC, they tell me about diminishing members of the yoga class, few are able to complete the whole program, since the new instructor is coming.

I was there for several time. It’s cheap! Only Rp.450.000 for 3 months for beginner. The teaching style is soo slow. We spent about 3-4 weeks just for warming up! Maybe 2 weeks just for a half Sun Salutation (one of the main Yoga sequence)!! Compare to other places, you will do a full Sun Salutation in just the first 15 minutes of your Yoga exercise. I was trying to keep up, I do understand the concept behind, to strengthen the concept before doing the practice. For me, I used it to strengthen my theory and foundation. But I did give up after 2 months, in a way, I don’t like the teaching style, in other way, the class held at 5 pm, really hard to catch up the class. I gave up.

In my opinion, if you are a beginner, taste the yoga movement somewhere else. Too slow here, hardly taste the real yoga fun and challenge. If you want strengthen the theory, it’s not that bad, and cheap..

Further outside Jakarta

Further.. you should try Bali studios. They offer more variation, better instructors (as somehow many Yoga teachers flocking there, could be one of the Yoga center in the world), and cheaper! Yoga Barn in Ubud will have a session for only Rp 60.000, half of Jakarta price.

Bali held a few Yoga festivals in a year, it’s quite fun to get many workshops by world class Yoga teachers in Bali.

Or you could try exploring India, the source of Yoga.. Pune, Mysore, and many other places.


And I know there are still few more studios around which I cannot know them all, smaller, amateurs, or professionals. In the hotels, privates, or in the offices.

Orrrr…. you could tell me, where to Yoga? Because anyway I just started 2+ months ago to be serious with Yoga. I would love to hear and try and practice together :) It’s a hellotsofun and great to meet Yoga people, practice and being teached :)

Update: For my other writings about Yoga (in Jakarta/Indonesia), check the link below:



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  1. Surabaya cuma punya dua kalau ga salah, di deket PTC dan di deket Igor’s Pastry. Lainnya di gym-gym :)

    hey, i did yoga, but never really YOGA :P

  2. kapan2 kalo di Jakarta, bole ikut class yoga yg di studio sekali2 :))

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  6. mirce

    Even some of the instructors are actually good. Started from Rp. 300.000 until average maybe at Rp 500.000 per month, you already got them all, plus gym facilities and other classes as bonuses.

    dimana tuh dapet harga sgitu?? prasaan gw cari cari dapetnya klo di gym sjuta tuh, klo di studio 800an ribu
    Boleh tuh kalo dapet 300rb sebulan..dmana tuh?


  7. @mirce, itu harga gym seperti Fitness First dan Golds Gym. Beberapa yang lokasinya ngga di Jakarta sekitar 300.000-an, tapi kalau di Jakarta rasanya sudah rata2 500.000/bulan. Yoga-nya ga jelek kok, tergantung instruktur juga.

  8. Will Koller


    I don’t mean to spam. I’ve been doing Ashtanga for about 6 months now. I came across your blog through a random google search. There is a really good teacher in town from India for a limited time. He runs workshops 3 times daily in south Jakarta and has a Mysore style class on Saturdays. He’s really different from anyone I’ve encountered in Jakarta and I’ve been to 3 different schools so far. He’ll only be here till latest August. I really recommend trying his classes out. The website with more info is http://www.ashtangajakarta.com/prices.html

    and there was an article on the teacher in the Jakarta

    http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/lifeandtimes/ashtanga-yoga-for-a-clear-mind-and-body/380837Globe recently

  9. thanks Will. It’s definitely not a spam, very informative, and any Ashtanga enthusiast should try and didn’t miss the chance. I should too :)

  10. dewi sulistyowati

    Di mana saja di Jakarta, saya bisa mendapatkan sertifikat atau lisensi untuk mengajar yoga? thanks

    • 1. Di Jakarta cukup sulit untuk mendapatkan Teacher Training. Kadang2 ada workshop, Januari 2011 sepertinya akan ada di jakartadoyoga.com. Atau di http://www.iyengaryogaindonesia.com/ (sekarang lebih dikenal sebagai Yoga Light).
      2. Di Bali biasanya ada Teacher Training yang biasa durasinya 1 bulan.
      3. Kalau di gym2, selama punya pengetahuan dasar yang cukup baik, dapat melakukan yoga cukup baik, bisa dicoba untuk tanya2 kesempatan, mulai dari kelas dasar.
      4. Kalau studio biasanya butuh sertifikat, kebanyakan ambil training di luar, India, atau Bali.

  11. heru

    hi, this blog is so informative.. Good job Dien..
    is there any one here by any chance, happen to know where to find Yoga instructor for private session (in house). it’s for my director, she’s doing Pilates now and thinking to start learning Yoga.
    Please help..

    • i can check to my friends. just email me to dienw at yahoo dot com, and i will check to them. if they are available, i will reply you back.

      or you go to a gym or studio, you may also ask directly to the instructors.

      good luck!

  12. alex

    dienw , mau tanya nih kalo utk guru yg berpengalaman membantu pasien hnp/saraf terjepit di jkt itu namanya siapa saja ya? yg paling bagus ? kalo di medan dienw tau ga guru yg serupa ?

  13. alex

    oh iya tolong dienw email ke saya yah , makasi

  14. Kristy

    Hi Dien,

    Saya baru pindah dari Australi. Saya suka sekali dengan blog yoga kamu. Sangat informatif. Boleh ngobrol2 tentang yoga lebih lanjut? ^_^ tolong hubungi saya via email.

    Thank you,

  15. Celia

    Hi Kristy, not sure you’re going to read this, tapi saya bakal di Jakarta nanti Dec-Jan trus pengen join yoga or pilates classes. Mungkin bisa barengan :) You can email me kawaiicelia@gmail.com – Thanks!

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  17. Mansha

    Hii is yoga safe during pregnancy…any instructor you know will come and teach?? thanxx

    • Hi Mansha, it is safe. Of course should be selective on which poses to do, not the acrobatic or affecting the baby :) even actually some pre-natal gym using some yoga pose to enhance your muscle, preparing for birth.

      Regarding instructors, I knew some of them willing to teach private into individual or groups. How should they contact you? Just send me your contact to my email at dienw at yahoo dot com. Preferrably female instructors rite?

  18. Astrid

    Hey Dien… It is a very nice blog you wrote. I just finish my yoga teacher training and cranio sacral therapy in Bali. Now teaching yoga and conducting CST therapy privately for small number of people in jakarta. I was a yogini trained in a gym, so when i read your blog, i felt like i know what you mean. Nice to read it! Namaste ;-)

  19. Hi Astrid, really glad to hear your post, and even love it more to hear we have another yoga teacher with proper background. Maybe sometimes can learn from you and practice together. Namaste :)

    • Astrid

      Hey Dien, let’s do it. When you have time, i can do it at your home. Just poke me when you are ready. What i can sense is that i will be the one who learn the love of yoga from you. Hope to see you soon. Namaste ;-)

      • Hi Astrid, how are you doing? It’s been awhile. That would be nice of you. And CST sounds very new and interesting to me :) Anyway, myself is doing a little bit teaching, or I called it mere sharing, in my apartment, small one in Kebagusan, South Jkt. For now, it’s free, just practicing together every Sunday morning, for everyone, and mostly beginners. It would be really great if you become our guest teacher one day. Let’s keep in touch. Drop me a touch at dienw at yahoo dot com yah. Namaste.

  20. Dhiny Afriyanti

    Pls info abt pilates and yoga at kelapa gading areas. Thank u :)

    • Hi Dhiny,

      For a good studio, I’m only know Iyengar Yoga Center. They have a center in Kelapa Gading.
      Check this link: http://iyengaryogaindonesia.com/IYCI/contact-us.htm
      For Pilates, I’m not into Pilates, and never heard of one good Pilates studio there. But you may check this one: http://www.bodyconnection-pilates.com.

      And actually Iyengar Yoga might have similarities with Pilates which means they have focus about the right posture, and use tools to support the goal. Fell free to explore it! :)

      Otherwise gyms will always have Yoga n Pilates among their classes.

      Hopefully those help.

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  22. These are genuinely impressive ideas in concerning blogging.
    You have touched some fastidious things here.
    Any way keep up wrinting.

  23. Dear Dien , kalau untuk dekat-dekat jalan jenderal sudirman , studio yoga yang dekat di mana ya ?
    Makasi Dien

    • Halo marhendrika,

      Aku rekomen Jakartadoyoga, di jl. Sunda (samping Sarinah), atau Anahata di FX (sempat vakum, tapi sepertinya belakangan aktif lagi, bisa di-telp dulu). Dua ini yang ada di sepanjang Sudirman-Thamrin, selain tempat-tempat gym.

      Semoga membantu.

  24. jeanette

    Dien, your blog has been SO helpful. I have just moved to Jakarta from Bangkok and am looking for a yoga and pilates stuido. Your blog has helped open up heaps of possibilities. Thank you, Jeanette

  25. Oilin

    Hi, do you have the phone number to anahata wellness centre…the phone number found on Internet not working and their website is not completed yet for more info…

    Been looking for a good and clean yoga studio in central jakarta but most are not accessible for working people especially with terrible jam after work.

    • Hi Oilin, I haven’t got any updates on Anahata recently. If you live/work in Sudirman area, try Jakarta Do Yoga (behind Sarinah) as alternative, the place is decent and has been a choice for many yogi and yogini. In Kuningan, there should be Bikram Yoga at Epicentrum Walk (the class is not just Bikram, but also regular one). Those are the active Yoga specialized studio in the premiere area. Otherwise Yoga in the gym could work as options. I heard some hotels offer Yoga classes for a limited participants. And many others offer private sessions.

      The scene here is still quite limited though :) Many of them are centralized in Kemang and its vicinity.

  26. Oilin

    Thanks Dien for your speedy response…great will check it out.

  27. Putri

    Saya tinggal di daerah grogol
    Ada yang tahu studio yoga di daerah grogol?

    • Hi Putri, aku kurang tahu daerah Grogol apakah ada atau tidak. Mungkin bisa dicoba gym seperti Fitness First, Golds Gym, yang ada di sekitaran Grogol?

  28. Dina

    Hi Mbak Dien, apakah masih mengajar di Apartemen Kebagusan?selain itu adakah tempat yoga di daerah sekitar kebagusan?

  29. Netty

    Helloo Dien..
    I’m so happy to find your blog.. :)
    Saya pengen banget ikutan yoga, ada rekomendasi studio yang ok buat pemula dimana?
    Thank you

    • Hi Netty, pemula paling mudah ikut yoga di fitness/gym center. kalau mau coba yg studio bisa coba di list atas, kecuali yang bikram. ada bbrp studio lain di post part 2 dan part 3.

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